OzSBI Receives $99,852 in Missouri Tax Credits


OzSBI has been awarded $99,852 in 50% tax credits by the Missouri Department of Economic Development. Any individual or business with a Missouri tax liability is eligible to receive the 2018 tax credits by making a donation to OzSBI. Tax credits directly reduce the donor's state taxes by 50% of the donated amount, which is in addition to the standard state and federal charitable tax deductions.

OzSBI Executive Director Heather Fisher said these credits allow the redirection of tax dollars to support local nonprofits. “Tax credits enable donors to make a contribution to OzSBI at a significantly reduced out-of-pocket cost, while investing in entrepreneurs who are growing our local economy,” Fisher said.

Bill and Pam Hutchings have taken advantage of the tax credit program. “OzSBI has been a huge success in our community,” Hutchings said. “Tax credits are a great way to donate money to an organization.  It allows you to give much more to the organization through the tax savings from the state and federal government.”    

Funds raised through tax credits enables OzSBI to expand its business incubation services, offer business workshops and professional development seminars in neighboring communities and cultivate a tech business hub. 

If you are interested in becoming a donor, please contact Heather Fisher at 417-256-9724 or heatherfisher@ozsbi.com to take advantage of the tax credits.  All donations must be received by December 31st to qualify for tax credits. 

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