OzSBI Announces Business Highlights from 2018


OzSBI was an exciting place to be in 2018! Sixteen businesses resided within the incubator this year. Five new businesses moved into OzSBI while four businesses graduated out.

OzSBI helped launch 8 new startups through our Affiliate program and spent an entire weekend with over 40 entrepreneurs, who gathered for a Techstars Startup Weekend at the incubator.  OzSBI is the smallest community in the U.S. to host this 54-hour event (twice) where attendees pitch ideas, form teams and learn how to build a company in a weekend. Over 626 people attended workshops and events this year at the incubator.

One of OzSBI’s annual goals is to always create sustainable jobs through the growth of the businesses the incubator works with. Fifty-seven new jobs were created by OzSBI businesses in 2018. OzSBI Tenants alone generated a gross revenue of $13,607,646 for the most recent full year and paid $192,468 in monthly salaries and wages to employees.

OzSBI was awarded $99,852 in 50% tax credits by the Missouri Department of Economic Development. Funds raised through tax credits enables OzSBI to expand its business incubation services, offer business workshops and professional development seminars and more.

Our goal for 2019 is to incubate entrepreneurs, grow strong businesses and spur new ideas and innovation right here in the Ozarks.  

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